It’s The Simple Things

I recall a flight I took several years ago between Armenia and Paris. The flight itself was nothing special; I was not in first class, let alone business, but was flying economy. Economy seems to be treated generally among airlines as a necessary evil, as such they reduce the seat capacity to a level that may be fine for the template size they imagine the average passenger to be, but as I am sure you have experienced, lacks any comfort level to anyone that comes in human form.

DXVO-P054234- CCB
AIR FRANCE, Agence Audiovisuelle – DX.CI_4, 95747 ROISSY CH DE GAULLE CEDEX

This time I was flying Air France. Having spent the night before drinking with a colleague, I was feeling particularly tired for the early morning return flight. Once comfortably sat in my window seat, my head was soon perched against the wall, with sleep swiftly my next destination.

After an independent finite time, I stirred from my slumber with a pleasant surprise of discovering the two vacant trays next to me (I had the row to myself), were supporting a neatly presented meal. Happy, I proceeded to devour the entirety of its contents, I had, after all, a night of partying to recover from. Once satisfied, I slipped back into a sleep. After a time, I woke up again to find fresh coffee and a biscuit on the tray beside me. I swiftly consumed them. Again I slipped back into a sleep, woke again to find another coffee and biscuit. This continued for the remainder of the flight. On dis-embarking when I thanked the cabin crew, I truly meant it. It had been a great flight.

It was this little considerate service I experienced with Air France, that has always made me think fondly of that flight, and to compare all others to it. None, five years later have ever matched it.

In an age where airlines are reducing seat sizes, charging for every little ounce of enjoyment and forcing us to endure an adequate level of service, a little bit of consideration is truly remembered.

To this day, I am always happy to hear that I’m flying Air France.

Air France, thank you.

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