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Magazine Inclusion:

Reach over 100,000 travellers from UK, USA, Europe and Africa looking for new leisure opportunities for them and their families.

The Logbook is a leading digital publication focussed on boutique travel, touring and accommodation. Each month it features glamping sites and hotel stays, safari lodges and tours, adventure and city treks and a range of crucial industry suppliers.

Published mid-month it boasts high quality content along with the highest standard of marketing with all articles in the magazine represented on the website for ease of reading and sharing.

We’ve worked with a number of prominent safari business, glamping sites, suppliers and organisations with travel and hospitality.

There are two options available for inclusion:

A Featurette:

Price: $155.00 US

A straightforward way of improving SEO and gaining exposure. A 300-500 word featurette of your business with images. Including a summary of the business, location, address, contact details and website appearing in The Logbook and on the website. Following a short interview all content is prepared by our expert writers and presented to you prior to publishing for confirmation.

If this is for you, put in your details in the contact form and one of our editorial staff will be in touch within 24 hours.

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A Page & Editorial:

Price: $525.00 US

One A4 full page colour advertisement designed by our studio and accompanied by a 1200-word editorial. With multiple images and hyperlinks the editorial allows the writer to highlight the origin story of the business, the philosophies driving it, customer and staff focusses and plans for the future.  Appearing in The Logbook and on the website this option includes bespoke marketing beyond the magazine including blogger outreach and social media campaigns.

If this is for you, put in your details in the contact form and one of our editorial staff will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Some of the businesses we work with regularly include The Glamping Show(Global authority on the Glamping Industry), (Global listing and reviews of the latest in glamping sites), (International listing website offering reviews and ratings), (international listing and booking website), KATO (Kenya Association of Tour Operators) and  TATO(Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators).

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Guest Posts:

Guest posts are selected very carefully, and we only work with businesses that are on the same page as us. For example, we do not work with any organisations that promote hunting or discrimination in any way. Also, guest posts need to be directly in line with our clients and our readers.

For guest post enquiries please contact our Creative and Editorial Director directly.

Social Media Growth, SEO and Engagement

Price: $550.00 / month (prices will vary depending on project size.)

Social media growth and SEO is the most reliable way to reach out to your audience. There is a trick to it however and understanding the small details of the different social medias will help get you make the results you need and deserve.

Able to offer a comprehensive and bespoke travel and hospitality package to stimulate audience growth and engage them to take action, our SMGE Package is the newest package we offer. Working with our experts, whatever your business size, we can help open doors to a new pool of clients and guests.

Feel free to drop us a message regarding what you’re looking to achieve and we will get in touch within 24 hours.


What marketing does The Lost Executive use?

Readership: we have the privilege of including over 100,000 readers from UK, USA, Europe and Africa. While all of them are fans of travel and interesting leisure opportunities they include the average back-packer to the CEO looking for a luxury holiday with his or her family.

Social Media Campaigns: Making full use of the tools of social media we have an incredibly engaged audience. Daily posts and strategic campaigns across Facebook, Linked IN, Twitter and Instagram make all the difference.

Bloggers: We are proud to be partnered with a number of highly influential blogging personalities. From the travel and hospitality industry they help us help our clients get the most out of their content by increasing SEO as well as acting as ambassadors.

*For more information on any of the above please contact our Creative and Editorial Director: Donnie Rust: 

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