Business Travel

A business holiday

A business trip to Cape Town that felt like a holiday.

Recently I ventured to Cape Town for the first time on business.

With the meetings locations confirmed, the time came to book flights and hotels.

I have always taken that little bit longer to choose my accommodation, flipping between and Airbnb. I stumbled upon a fantastic looking penthouse in the centre of Cape Town, a stone’s throw from the nearby corporate skyscrapers. The pictures looked good, the location seemed perfect and the price beat all the hotels. So, I booked.

This, as it turned out, was one of the best decision I have made. The penthouse was a perfect representation of modern city living. It was accessed via a lift, which opened into the kitchen. The kitchen itself looked as if it came straight out of a magazine. The rooms were modern and bright with great views of the city. There was also a ‘chill-out den’, with a flat screen hooked up to an Apple TV, which was playing some ambient music when we arrived. This created a relaxing space filling ambience.


Of all the features of the penthouse, the winner was the rooftop terrace which featured some of the best city views you could want; and the best location for an early morning coffee. To top this off, there was an additional space which featured an outdoor home cinema, with a projector. This I must say was a brilliant experience, made all the better by the warm night.


If you find yourself in Cape Town, I cannot recommend this place any higher. So if you are looking for a business location in Cape Town, take a look at Airbnb and book yourself into ‘Penthouse on Burg’.

I certainly look forward to my next business trip here!


It is worth noting that Wi-Fi throughout South Africa seems to be poor. There are not many public hot spots and where you can find them, speed is an issue. This also seems to be the case with private Wi-Fi. I’d suggest using mobile data, if your plan allows this, and if you accept the costs.

To get around I’d suggest using Uber Black. It works without issues, is safe and easy to use.