Guest Posts. Yes.

Yes. Guest Posts are accepted to

Yes. Guest Posts are automatically shared across our social media and our readership including our Facebook Page (115,000 +) and our multiple Twitter Accounts.

Yes. Guest Posts remain on the website for at least one year at which time it is up to the discretion of the managers whether or not we remove them.

Yes. Guest Posts need to be appropriate to hospitality, travel, food and drink or suppliers to the aforementioned industries. We are, after all a travel, hospitality, food and drink website and magazine. This means that posts regarding cars, flying, cruises, gulets, glamping, camping, hotel stays, camping, tents, suppliers, restaurants, eateries, coffee, tea, plantations and a few others are all allowed on the site. Posts regarding the latest scientific development or plastic or political movements are not.

Yes. We do accept CBD and CBD related posts  but this is entirely at our discretion.

Yes. We do have multiple websites. Another one of our websites is which is focussed on industry, executive level influence, business, operations and international commerce. Yes, we accept guest posts on that website and we trust that you will take the time to visit to determine what sort of posts would be appropriate.

Yes. All links are do-follow and are checked by our team to make sure they are legit.

Yes. There is a cost attached to hosted posts. This cost if $45.00 US.

Yes. There is a reason why there is a cost of $45.00 US for a post to be hosted on one of our sites: we have spent a long time and have made great efforts to keep our audience engaged and active through editorials and the development of our magazines and none of this is free to do.

Yes. We do write editorials at a cost of £0.25 per word. Minimum of 500 words.

Yes. The cost has been lowered due to the recent Covid 19 epidemic which has meant that businesses have needed to market themselves affordably while getting results. This cost is set to rise in 2021.  This is Payable by Paypal.

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